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* GCR member
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莊太量 * 、秦天麗。 2016 。《首付貸:中國式次按危機》。香港:研究專論第 48 號,香港中文大學全球經濟及金融研究所。 (Chong, Terence T.L.*, and Tianli Qin. 2016. “China’s Down Payment Loan: Another Subprime Mortgage Crisis”. Hong Kong: Working Paper Series No. 48, Institute of Global Economics and Finance, CUHK.) 
梁元生 * 。 2015 。「   一櫂沖開瘴海煙:新『華』士階層   」,載柯木林編,《新加坡華人通史》,頁 231–244 。新加坡:新加坡宗鄉會館聯合總會。 (Leung, Yuen-sang*. 2015. “The Work and the Role of the New Chinese Literati Class in 19th Century Singapore”, in A General History of the Chinese in Singapore, edited by Bak-lim Kua, pp. 231–244. Singapore: Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations.)
梁元生 * 。 2015 。「浮海居然道可行:新加坡的儒學運動」,載柯木林編,《新加坡華人通史》,頁 321–330 。新加坡:新加坡宗鄉會館聯合總會。 (Leung, Yuen-sang*. 2015. “The ‘Confucian Movement’ in Early 20th Century Singapore”, in A General History of the Chinese in Singapore, edited by Bak-lim Kua, pp. 321–330. Singapore: Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations.)
黃錦輝 * 。 2016 。《創科軟實力:香港新時代的競爭與文化思維》。香港:商務印書館。 (Wong, Kam-fai*. 2016. The Soft Power of Innovative Technologies. Hong Kong: Commercial Press.) 
趙永佳 * 、陳慧盈。 2016 。「我們需要『一帶一路交流基金』」,《明報》, 10 月 31 日,版 A26 。 (Chiu, Stephen*, and Christina Chan. 2016. “On the Necessity of Establishing a Funding Scheme for Exchanges in Belt and Road Countries”, Ming Pao, 31 October, p. A26.)
鄭宏泰 * 、趙永佳 * 。 2016 。「『一帶一路』倡議須加強香港民眾深入了解」,《紫荊論壇》,第 29 期,頁 42–49 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Stephen Chiu. 2016. “ The Understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative among Hong Kong Population Should be Enhanced”, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs, 29:42–49.)
鄭宏泰 * 、趙永佳 * 。 2016 。「憂自由行翻版 一帶一路要釋民疑」,《經濟日報》, 8 月 8 日,版 A28 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Stephen Chiu*. 2016. “Lesson from the IVS for promoting BRI”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 8 August, p. A28.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「把握一帶一路契機 首要避開地區陷阱」,《經濟日報》, 12 月 8 日,版 A31 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Understanding Risk and Traps Is the Linchpin to Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 8 December, p. A31.)
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「了解中國外交 港拓一帶一路更易」,《經濟日報》, 11 月 28 日,版 A23 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Understanding China’s Diplomacy Would Help Hong Kong to Tap the Market in the Belt and Road Regions”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 28 November, p. A23.)
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「港助內資走出去 一帶一路有優勢」,《經濟日報》, 9 月 26 日,版 A30 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Hong Kong Can Help with Mainland China’s Capital Outreach in the Belt and Road Regions”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 26 September, p. A30.)
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「一帶一路市場巨 減港過度依賴內地」,《經濟日報》, 9 月 21 日,版 A30 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “The Markets of the Belt and Road Regions Are Huge and Can Help Hong Kong to Reduce Its Reliance on Mainland China”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 21 September, p. A30.)
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「一帶一路 星洲成港最大威脅」,《經濟日報》, 8 月 22 日,版 A23 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Singapore is the Biggest Competitor of HK in BRI”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 22 August, p. A23.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「基建打通香港與一帶一路國家經脈」,《信報》, 7 月 22 日,版 A18 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Infrastructure as the Linchpin to Hong Kong and BRI Countries”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 22 July, p. A18.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「香港成為一帶一路超級聯繫人的條件」,《信報》, 7 月 16 日,版 A15 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Hong Kong’s Conditions of Being a Super Connector in BRI”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 16 July, p. A15.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「香港推動一帶一路的優勢與威脅」,《信報》, 7 月 13 日,版 A17 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Advantages and Threats that BRI may bring to Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 13 July, p. A17.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「從制度創新角度看一帶一路倡議」,《信報》, 7 月 6 日,版 A19 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “BRI as an Institutional Innovation”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 6 July, p. A19.) 
鄭宏泰 * 、陸觀豪。 2016 。「甘英使大秦給港參與一帶一路的啟示」,《信報》, 6 月 24 日,版 A19 。 (Zheng, Victor*, and Roger Luk. 2016. “Gan Ying’s Emissary to the Rome Empire: A Lesson Hong Kong Can Learn”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 24 June, p. A19.) 
賴品超 * 、劉新利。將出版。《從文化全球化看中外宗教交流史》。 (Lai, Pan-chiu*, and Xinli Liu. In press. History of the Exchange among Chinese and Foreign Religions in the Perspective of Globalization of Culture.) This book was submitted and approved as the final report for the project “Studies of the History of the Relationship among World Religions”, a Key Issue Tackling Project ( 重大攻關課題 ) of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (Project No.: 06JZD0004).
羅祥國 * 、王康霖。 2016 。「一帶一路策略:中國機遇」,《信報》, 3 月 21 日,版 B07 。 (Law, Cheung-kwok*, and Hong-lam Wong. 2016. “Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities for China”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 21 March, p. B07.) 
羅祥國 * 、王康霖。 2016 。「海外基建 『 中國模式』亟需改善」,《信報》, 3 月 22 日,版 B13 。 (Law, Cheung-kwok*, and Hong-lam Wong. 2016. “Improvements Needed for the ‘China Model’ of Overseas Infrastructure Investment”, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 22 March, p. B13.) 
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