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「十一五」下泛珠三角與香港研究系列:X. 廣西與香港
「十一五」下泛珠三角與香港研究系列:X. 廣西與香港


        在「十一五」時期,廣西把握這些有利的區位因素和種種時機,加快發展,大力推動自治區的城市和區域發展。一方面提出適合的城市定位,完善城市各類基礎設施建設;同時把握東部沿海省市乃至國際市場上產業轉移的機會,帶動城市、尤其是大中型城市的發展,鞏固這些城市的領導地位和幅射能力;並協調城市間的發展和分工,促進自治區內城市群的形成。另一方面,配合國家宏觀發展策略和區域經濟發展趨勢,通過推動如大湄公河次區域和泛北部灣的區域發展,以及經濟走廊等實體建設, 加強區域經濟層面的發展,促進本身「橋頭堡」的角色和功能。在可見的未來,廣西將會逐步形成不同層次和範疇的區域經濟,並發揮果效。


The Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and Hong Kong under the Eleventh Five-year Plan Research Series: X. Guangxi and Hong Kong

Guangxi is an autonomous region in southwestern China. Its coastal location bordering Vietnam, however, did not contribute much to economic growth and social development in the province. For historical reasons and because of previous tensions in international relationships, Guangxi lagged behind other coastal provinces such as Guangdong and Fujian. With the advent of the twenty-first century, however, its locational disadvantage has gradually turned into an advantage. Guangxi has benefited from the policy of Western Development in China, as well as the establishment of the Pan-Pearl River Delta (PPRD)region and the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area. In short, Guangxi has entered a stage of rapid development.

        During the period of the 11th Five-year Plan, Guangxi should capitalize on timely developments and locational advantages to speed up its urban and regional development. The proper positioning of its cities, better provision of infrastructure, the shift of industrial activities from eastern China, and greater access to international markets could foster the development of large and medium-sized cities in Guangxi, and the effects of this could spread throughout the province. In addition, improved coordination and division of labour among cities could lead to the formation of urban clusters and/or urban regions. Finally, in the wake of the national strategy of regional development to promote the Greater Mekong Sub-region and the Pan-Beibu Gulf (Pan-Tonkin Gulf), and the construction of economic corridors, Guangxi could well reinstate its role as a “bridgehead” for the China-ASEAN market. It is entirely possible for various regional cooperation frameworks on different scales and at different levels to be located in Guangxi in the foreseeable future.

        At the same time, Guangxi is assuming priority in the development of the PPRD region. The closer the cooperation between Guangxi and Hong Kong, a dragon head of the PPRD region, the better both places will be able to develop, along with the entire PPRD region. At present, the construction of highways and other infrastructure projects provides the basic physical linkage in support of their cooperation. What needs to be done in the mean time is to further their physical linkages and deepen their respective regional policies. Possible projects for cooperation should be identified and innovations introduced into their mechanisms for cooperation. In this way, the Guangxi-Hong Kong relationship will enter a new stage of development.
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