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本文通過香港和天津兩個中國大城市民眾聚焦小組的討論,探索「社會和諧」— 中國傳統文化一個重要的概念及社會目標,在現代背景下是保存原義,抑或已作更新。本文首先回顧有關和諧及社會和諧的文獻,以分辨傳統與現代社會和諧觀的異同;再羅列香港和天津兩地多個聚焦小組的討論結果,由此找出民眾對社會和諧的聯想、對傳統與現代社會和諧的理解,從而界定此傳統文化概念在兩地的保存及更新情況。

Discourse on the Traditional and Modern Conceptions of Social Harmony among People of Hong Kong and Tianjin

        This paper examines the concept of “social harmony” through focus group discussions conducted in two metropolises in China, namely Hong Kong and Tianjin. Specifically, this paper investigates whether the concept of social harmony, which is an important concept and societal goal in traditional Chinese culture, has retained its original meaning or has been renewed in modern times. The paper begins with a review of the literature on harmony and social harmony in order to distinguish the similarities and differences among the traditional and modern conceptions of these terms. This is followed by a description of the findings from the focus group discussions in Hong Kong and Tianjin to uncover what people associate with the concept of social harmony, and their understanding of the traditional and modern concepts of this term. Based on these findings, the paper concludes with a discussion on the current situation regarding the preservation and renewal of the traditional cultural concept of social harmony in Hong Kong and Tianjin.
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