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Public Policy Research Centre
The Public Policy Research Centre was established in 2005 as an inter-disciplinary research unit. The Centre strives to promote public policy research among researchers at CUHK pertaining to Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, and the larger Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, the Centre has placed more emphasis on conducting research in the following three areas: youth studies; education and transition to work; and Hong Kong and community studies. It has undertaken projects commissioned by various government units and other community organizations, and hoped that the findings can provide a solid basis for the deliberation and formulation of relevant public policies. In addition to conducting research, it also strives to disseminate its research findings to the community and exchange ideas with stakeholders through seminars, training workshops and conferences.
Interim Director: Prof. Anthony Y.H. FUNG, JP
Professional Consultant: Dr. Eilly Yi-lee WONG
Honorary Adviser: Prof. Stephen W.K. CHIU
Tel: (852) 3943 6761
Email: pprc@cuhk.edu.hk
Website: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkiaps/pprc/
Youth Studies
In the past five years, young people in Hong Kong have increasingly taken part in public actions. Those criticized as being radical were mostly born in the 1980s and 1990s. A major rationale for studying youth is to examine the links between the attitudes and values of young people and their behaviours.
Education and Transition to Work Studies
Education Research, Teacher Training, and Liberal Studies
One theme in education research is how social and political values are fostered through education. The Centre has conducted a study to examine determinants of the academic performance, especially in the Liberal Studies subject, of the first batch of graduates from the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.
The Centre has been commissioned by the Education Bureau to conduct training workshops and seminars for in-service teachers. On-site consultancy services were offered to schools that in need of developing teaching resources and school-based assessment protocol.
The Centre has also offered professional development seminars on such issues as globalization, Hong Kong society, the customization of teaching materials, and assessments. Some workshops on enhancing assessment techniques were held in collaboration with the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.
Hong Kong and Community Studies
Hong Kong Studies
The return to Chinese sovereignty from colonial rule has led to great social and political changes in Hong Kong. The Centre called on scholars to contribute writings in relevant themes. The result is the publication of three edited volumes on three separate themes. The first volume is on the change in government from one under colonial rule to one that is a special administrative region. The second volume discusses inequalities in contemporary Hong Kong. The third volume uncovers relatively obscure “patriotic” organizations in post-war Hong Kong. Academic research on these organizations is still limited. This book has filled an important gap in Hong Kong studies.
Community Study
The Centre has carried out several evaluative research projects on urban renewal and redevelopment. Urban renewal improves the physical living environment, but residents often suffer from the breakdown of social ties after their relocation.
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