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Centre for Quality of Life
The Centre for Quality of Life was founded in 2006. It is the first research centre to specialize in studying the quality of life in Hong Kong and in Chinese societies. The Centre is committed to positioning itself as the focal point in exchanges of scientific research and studies on well-being in China and other places in Asia.
The Centre provides a platform for intellectual exchanges that encourages inter- and intra-faculty and university collaborations, in addition to collaborations between relevant scholars and parties from different sectors. The Centre expects that such inter-disciplinary, sectorial, and regional connections will consolidate knowledge on well-being for the reference of policy makers and the public, in order to further promote quality of life in communities and to improve the level of well-being in Hong Kong and potentially across the globe.
Director: Prof. Hung WONG
Honorary Senior Research Fellow: Dr. Po-keung IP
Tel.: (852) 3943 3400
Email: hkqol@cuhk.edu.hk
Website: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkiaps/qol/
CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index
The aim of the CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index is to examine and monitor the quality of life in Hong Kong from different aspects (i.e., personal, social, political, cultural, economic, and environmental), while encouraging cross-cultural comparisons of quality of life and advancing international collaboration in the field.
By incorporating the input of faculty members from different disciplines, as well as the advice and research of renowned local and international scholars, in 2002 the Faculty of Social Science compiled a composite index that it named the CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index. The Centre took over management of the Index in 2006. The CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index is a composite index. It consists of 23 indicators that are grouped under the health, social, culture and leisure, economic, and environmental sub-indexes. Six of the 23 indicators, including the current economic conditions index, freedom of speech index, general life satisfaction index, government performance index, press criticism index, and stress index, are compiled by the Centre. All other indexes are obtained from the government and related institutions.
MTR-CUHK Youth Quality of Life Index
Young people are the future masters of society; thus, their well-being is particularly important for the future development of our society. The MTR Corporation has given the Centre sponsorship to the tune of HK$2.16 million for the first stage of the study, which will last for five years until 2018. The YQoL Index is the first time that a composite index has been compiled to measure and keep track of the quality of life of youth in Hong Kong. The YQoL Index consists of 28 indicators that are grouped into the following eight aspects: physical health, psychological well-being, society, economics, education, politics, living environment, and overall well-being. The indicators have been selected according to their coverage, measurability, representativeness, and importance to the quality of life of youth in Hong Kong.
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