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Centre for Chinese Family Studies
The Centre for Chinese Family Studies aims to be a cross-disciplinary and cross-regional academic organization with a focus on studying families of Chinese descent. Our members conduct research not only among families who originated and reside in Chinese societies (e.g. mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), but also among families who have migrated between Chinese societies (e.g. from mainland China to Hong Kong) or from Chinese to non-Chinese societies (e.g., to the United States). Our goal is to establish a platform for promoting empirical investigations and intellectual exchanges among scholars concerned about the well-being of families of Chinese descent, and also for disseminating such knowledge to the general public.
Co-Director: Prof. Haijing DAI
Prof. Yuying TONG
Honorary Research Fellow: Prof. Doris Pui-wah CHENG
Executive Committee and Members:
Tel.: (852) 3943 1209
Email: ccfs@cuhk.edu.hk
Website: https://ccfs.cuhk.edu.hk/
The Centre engages in a number of research projects through its members:
A Cross-cultural Study of Family Influences on Executive Functions in Late Childhood
Disparities in Education and Psychological Well-being among Migrant, Left-behind, and Native Urban and Rural Children in China: The Role of Social Capital in Multiple Contexts
Evolving Filial Piety: A Study of the Adult Child-Parent Relationship
Exploratory Study on Gender Stereotyping and Its Impact on the Male Gender
Female Entertainers in Macao: Health Behaviour Assessment, Education, and Prevention
Hurting Each Other: Marital Inequality, Social Capital, and Spousal Aggression in Hong Kong
Living across the Border: Hong Kong Families in Shenzhen
Masculinities in Transition: Comparing Gender Identity Construction among Male Migrant Workers in the Manufacturing, Service, and Construction Sectors in South China
Parental Control during Early Adolescence: A Longitudinal Investigation in Three Regions of Contemporary China
Parents’ Learning-related Practices and Children’s School Readiness at the Transition to Kindergarten: Comparing Mainland Chinese Immigrant Families and Local Families in Hong Kong and the United States
Sex Work in the Era of AIDS in Hong Kong: Structure, Identity, and Strategy
Social and Cultural Capital in the Creation of Human and Health Capital: A Comparative Study of Cross-border, Immigrant, and Local Students in Hong Kong
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